Back in Switzerland for winter season 2019/2020

Back in Switzerland for winter season 2019/2020

After few years of experiencing and improving photogrphy / video skills i finally got paid job for big local company Jungfrau Bahnen.

Ok, it is not 100% contract, just 50% but this job will take me through the winter season in Swiss Apls as a social media / content creator for Snowpark Grindelwald First @snowparkgrindelwaldfirst

Looking forward to shoot and film with all crazy snowboarders and skiers and I hope that we create together some great footage and material on snow or in the air... 

Appart of my official job - photo/video shooting for Snowpark I am still available for private photo or video shooting. Just let me know your dates and type of project. 

Have a great winter season everyone. At the moment 13.12.2019 the season looks great - it is cold, snowing and we already have nice base of snow up on the hills.