Glacier experience Grindelwald

Do not try this at home!!!

I would like to share this short story about my hike up to glacier in Jungfrau region. 

First of all i would like to say, that I would never do it again same way I did. 

So my journey started in the morning, taking a train to Kleine Scheidegg, hiking up to Eiger Gletscher station, catching the train up to Jungfraujoch. Nice day, sunny, lots of people up there. No sighs at all only one way to Monchhutte. Ok, lets go, they say it is just 45mins. Sure, it is.
Great view on the Aletch glacier and easy hike to the hut. At the end of the track there is not much more. Not realy great views and i decided to walk a bit further as i saw some people in distance walking on the path. I met few groups on my way up to view point and none of them were friendly or even say a word to me.
I was on the glacier, i new it but as i saw people walking didn't realy realized that they are only guided tours with full equipment... well, i suppose that in the mountains all people are friends (or should be) even if you do something wrong - sure, i was on beautiful but dangerous place alone without any ropes, only cheese, beer, chocolate, drone, banana and salami in my backpack and nobody said a word to me like: "hey man, go back, this is dangerous to walk here" or even "come back with us so you will be safe... "
Where has the friendly approach disappered?

well... at the end, nothing happend but something could...
i was just dissappointed with their attitude to a glacier-hiker

Sure, I did mistake so I can learn from but what about all those local guides? They did one too as they didn't send me back to safe area...  

next time I promise I will do it all correctly and bring you better pictures from new glacier experience