Winter 2023/2024 in Switzerland

Time flies, day by day, night by night... What will future bring us? Who knows. People now speak about El Nino, something what should bring us cold and long winter to Europe. So let's hope and see if that is a real thing.  Photography activities in upcoming winter season (December 2023 - April 2024… read more.

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chillipictures calendar / availibility in 2023:

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Switzerland: May 7, 2023 - June 20, 2023

Bali / Mentawais: June 21, 2023 - August 16, 2023

Switzerland: August 17, 2023  - September 17, 2023

All dates are subject to change 

Dry start of the winter season 2022/2023

So far, so good.  Slopes in ski resort Arosa - Lenzerheide are open, but snow condition for hiking or missions outside of ski resort are not very good at the moment. Temperatures sometimes drop bellow zero, but not every day. And for New Year we experienced very warm day up to +12°C in Langwies. … read more.

Langwies / Arosa in winter season 22/23

Winter is back and @chillipictures will be back in Langwies base, Haus Strela, for upcoming witner season working on IG account @langwies.inside and cruising the mountains of Graubunden area. 

Arosa - Lenzereheide - Davos - Laax and maybe again St. Moritz with favourite place Corvatch, Sils Maria, Silvaplana

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New INSTAGRAM account @langwies.inside

follow daily life and posts from events in picturesque village Langwies, just few kilometers before Arosa Instagram: @langwies.inside  read more.

Arosa / Langwies - Swiss winter 2022

Graubunden is not new area for me. Have been doing 5 seasons here since 2008. Back after a while in Grindelwald, yes! Why not. Arosa offers so much and more and more.  My services expanding. Instagram / socila media content creating is on. Contact me for more details.  #socialmedia #instagram … read more.

Snowcamp Arosa 2022

Ready for winter? Arosa paradise...  Snowboard / freeski event in Swiss Alps not only for Czech people... ask for more info via email.   read more.

Mentawai Islands - surf trip

When my surf dreams come through...

Do you dream of perfect barrels, clean warm water and palm trees all around? Than you are on right path to find out more, how did i get here to Mentawais and what it takes & costs.

There are actually 3 different parts of Mentawai islands and i decided to explore first north part of it. 
Siberut island and Masokut - also known as Playground


If you are already in Indonesia, than you have to get to Padang first of all. 
I was flying from Bali with Citilink airlines, they take 20kg of surf equipment for free. My surf board bag was 8kg over weight limit so i paid extra 300.000IDR on top of my flight ticket Denpasar - Padang 1.120.000 IDR 

It is first part of your journey and one tip for you before your next step - boat from Padang to island called Siberut. 
Early morning flight to Padang is better, because you can explore this nice small city and taste a bit of Sumatera culture there too. And aslo allows you to get onto slow ferry. 
With boat you have 2 options - fast and slow - Mentawai Fast leaves 2x per week on Tuesdays and Fridays mornings at 7am. Mentawai fast cost 290.000 IDR but they charge you for any of your board equipment. I paid 460.000 IDR for board bag, which was now less than 20kg. I took all heavy stuff from boardbag into my hand luggage - no extra charge for that. Mentawai fast takes around 5h. Our journey was rough - big waves and strong wind on open ocean - not for everyone.

Slow ferry leaves Padang Friday afternoon at 5PM and journey is long - over night and takes about 12h. You get yourself a small cabin for extra cash rented by ferry crew but you dont get too much comfort anyway. Board bag is free of charge and journey cost around 150.000 IDR. Locals use this slow ferry to transport a lot of stuff to Ments. If you organise to stay in local surf camp or home stay, they will ship your board bag with slow ferry to lower the cost  and hustle on Mentawai fast.

Siberut looks like big island on your map. Yes, it is quite big but not huge. After you arrive there, you will be picked up by your camp crew. They usualy charge 1.500.000 IDR for getting you to the base. Sure, you can share or nego with other camps but depends how many customers they have to transport.

And now, you are here. Paradise islands.

Ebay Guest house is super nice. Contact them directly on Instagram @ebayguesthouse

Sure, you can also stay in luxury resorts, just next to Ebay Guest house is Bang Bangs Surf camp @bengbengssurfcamp and another 2 mins walk is Driftwood @driftwoodmentawai

Local boys look after us always with smiles on their faces. You can play soccer just in front and rooms are nice and comfy. Toilets and bathroom very basic, not for everyone, especially not for princesses. It is a bit hidden behind palm trees so it gets protected from heavy wind and storms.
No hot water, no AC, don't expect too much comfort but at the moment you pay 450.000 IDR per person with 3 meals a day. But the food, wow! So delicious and huge portions, just amazing...
From Ebay you have 3 short walks to 3 different surf spots - the nearest one is Ebay with 2 magificant rocks just in front. 10mins to Pit Stops and 20 mins to Bang Bang.
Walk to the other side of island means to reach 5 other spots within 40 mins. Nipussi, Bank Valuts, The Klit and other heavy breaks out there. Good for north wind out there. 

Deffinitely want a boat. Maybe not every single day, but at least 3 times a week
It cost everywhere same - 1.500.000 IDR / day up to 8 people to share with and usualy it takes you to 2 - 3 different spots in Playground area - so another 25 different surf spots to score perfect barrels... 

Drone is dead, viva la Drone

Have been having some issues with my DJI Mavic Air / first generation. 
Simple problem such as losing signal, constant beeping, disbalancing etc. 
So lately i have spend a lot of time looking for answers and solutions. One of the solutions for beeping was to restore all settings but real end of the story was to send controller to DJI. 

Well. I have done a lot to improve my flying conditions but one nice day, sunset time, i have started my drone in Lakey Peak for last time. Wanted to capture some surfers in water during sunset surf session but after less than 200m distance on open ocean my drone lost signal. Yes, automatic function to bring him back was active, his home point has been updated before he left me at the beach. 
Well, never came back. DJI Mavic Air is gone. 

Now i am looking for controlers for DJI Mavic PRO. A friend of mine came to me one day and gave me a drone Mavic PRO, which was found in his garden. 6 months of waiting time at police station in Interlaken was returned to my friend - nobody came to claim lost drone... So new capture can be started now...

I was lucky, becase i downloaded all footage from internal storage and also from SD card in from drone into my laptop, so now i can share some with you. 

Have a nice Sunday and enjoy new gallery Drone Photography on my profile. 

location: East part of Sumbawa, Sape

New INSTAGRAM profile

Staying in Bali longer means an opportunity to create something new. So i started new instagram profile based on my photography made only in Bali and Indonesia. There will be no pictures of mountains and lakes with sun rising or setting down. There will be more portraits and fashion/action pictures… read more.

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